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21 TV Series Bibles That Every TV Screenwriter Should Read • Writing characters you don’t agree with, without them becoming strawmen

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21 TV Series Bibles That Every TV Screenwriter Should Read r/Screenwriting • u/rhodesjohn

Here's an awesome list of TV Series Bibles that you can download, courtesy of Ken at ScreenCraft!

LINK: 21 Series Bibles That Every TV Screenwriter Should Read

EDIT: And here's another popular one...

Writing characters you don’t agree with, without them becoming strawmen r/writing • u/takaperoinen-miete

Eventually we’ll all end up writing characters whose attitudes, world views or beliefs we ourselves just fundamentally disagree with.

(Homo)sexuality in books r/writing • u/ALovelyComplex

Recently someone told me that I shouldn't make characters homosexual unless it adds something to the story, which I'm not saying is a bad advice, but at the same time I don't understand why I can't write a homosexual character, just because I want to.

The most BS writing advice I've ever heard. r/writing • u/gemowater

Does anyone know why teachers encourage students not to use 'said' in stories. Most people who I know were taught about this in school, from 'motivational' posters discouraging its usage to 'said is dead' worksheets.

Is it possible to write a murder mystery novel with the killer as a POV? r/writing • u/Inquisitive-Owl

So I'm trying to write a fantasy murder mystery novel with two POVs. The primary one is the main character, who fills the "detective" role.

How not to be ashamed/insecure of writing romance r/writing • u/TheKrazyLady

I know rationally that romance is as valid as any genre in fiction, but at heart, I don't. I'm a very insecure person and thinking about one day putting out a romance (more specificly a YA romance) novel for everyone I know to see makes me very unconfortable.

Great book for all writers: Stephen King's On Writing r/Screenwriting • u/tommyberre

Partly a biography, but also lots of great tips on writing.

Don't overthink to write a polish first draft, especially dialogue! Actually, write a "shitty" draft intentionally! r/Screenwriting • u/unborn_chickenvoices

This way of writing has worked for me, but it might not work for you, so I don't know if it is actually a good advice.

Any other examples of great pitch decks besides Stranger Things? r/Screenwriting • u/roomjosh

Montauk (Stranger Things pitch deck) is extremely impressive and informative.

What if the richest person in the world began dying every 24 hours? r/hypotheticalsituation • u/JGSimcoe

Scenario: The richest person in the world dies of unclear but natural causes (not murder). The next day the new richest man in the world also dies. The next day same thing, ect.

What's your first writing experience? How did you get into writing and got interested in it? r/KeepWriting • u/vtshll

Talking about my experience. I had this dream 3 years back. I thought I could just write it down in a beautiful way. Mind it, I hadn't read any novel till then.

[WP] You are a mobster. A particularly successful one at that. But as your turf becomes gentrified, the absurdly priced furniture in your 'Front' store actually starts selling. r/WritingPrompts • u/buckley118
[WP] Turns out humanity was alone in the universe because they were way too early to the party. Now, billions of years later aliens find a strange planet, Earth, and begin to unveil the secrets of the first intelligent species. r/WritingPrompts • u/Snusmumriken11

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