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To ALL the Screenwriters 23 and younger...here are some words of encouragement.

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To ALL the Screenwriters 23 and younger...here are some words of encouragement. r/Screenwriting   u/rynoryder11  

When I was 23, I was just coming out of film school and was making my first feature film. I wrote the script in my sister's basement, where I was living at the time.

Learn to create empathy with your characters and write flashbacks: r/WriterMotivation   u/ErwinWensley   authorerwinwensley.com  
Listening to relaxing instrumental music can help aid focus and concentration. These are the best playlist on Spotify to help you get engrossed in your writing and increase productivity. All updated regularly with the latest instrumental releases ☕️📖 r/KeepWriting   u/ridcolly  

These are some playlists I’ve curated to help aid productivity and focus, each with their own unique feel.

You should be writing r/Screenwriting   u/BackwoodBowling  
[RESOURCE] Quentin Tarantino explains his writing process for Inglourious Basterds r/Screenwriting   u/ntjrdn  
Advice for aspiring screenwriters... r/Screenwriting   u/megablahblah  

From an interview with Tony Tost (creator of Damnation, writer for five seasons on Longmire):

One thing I tell aspiring screenwriters: if 100 out of 100 industry readers of your script think it successfully meets professional standards, there’s probably zero chance you’ll break in.

Do you guys ever have that golden scene you want to write so badly? r/writing   u/NoSureIfSane  

Do you guys ever have a scene that you really want to write but you haven't reached it yet.

“Kill the Cliché” - I find this to be helpful writing advice but I don’t entirely agree with inventing everything from scratch. We should allow ourselves to be inspired by our favorite authors and their words. What do you guys think of this sentiment when it comes to writing something fresh? r/writing   u/kb_92  
Anton Chekhov’s Six Rules For Writing Fiction r/Screenwriting   u/Seshat_the_Scribe  
  1. Absence of lengthy verbiage of political-social-economic nature;
  2. Total objectivity;
  3. Truthful description of persons and objects;
  4. Extreme brevity; 5.
[WP] You are a clumsy but sweet person living in a time where robots are commonplace and do most manual tasks for humans. They can’t speak, but every time you bump into one you apologize profusely. You treat them kindly. One morning you wake up and peek out the window to chaos, but your yard is fine r/WritingPrompts   u/Phannies_unite  

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