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[WP] You die, but due to an error, instead of going to Hell, you arrive in Heck. This is the story of your travels across the rings of the 7 Forgivable Sins.

[WP] You die, but due to an error, instead of going to Hell, you arrive in Heck. This is the story of your travels across the rings of the 7 Forgivable Sins. r/WritingPrompts   u/Boysapunk  
[WP] An ancient god "cursed" you with immortality, expecting you to watch the Sun swallow the Earth. When that day comes 7.6 billion years into the future, you're living large on the other side of the galaxy. r/WritingPrompts   u/Kecha_Wacha  
[WP] You live in a martial art anime universe where the characters announce their moves before executing them. As a deaf character, you announce with sign language, which leads to resentment among your defeated opponents of your "underhanded sneak attacks". r/WritingPrompts   u/rdchat  
[WP] Medieval times, a woman is accused by villagers of being a witch and she is put in a cage to drown, after 3 minutes she is not dead so they burn her at the stake but she survives that too, villagers now realize they finally found a real witch and don’t know what to do next... r/WritingPrompts   u/severocontreras  
[WP] To increase efficiency, God has uploaded the source code for Life, the universe and everything to GitHub. However, he forgot to set it as a private project and now people are auditing his code, filing bug reports and submitting patches. The kicker? Someone has been making mods. r/WritingPrompts   u/DeeRez  
The best way to improve your writing: READ r/writing   u/fantheories101  

This sub often has posts asking about how to improve some aspect of writing. While the advice given is always solid, I feel that perhaps the most solid piece of advice isn’t said enough: read.

What is the best way to learn how to speak a language? Immersion. The same goes for how to write....

Nobody is going to care if you write "he said" more than once in a row. r/writing   u/sbourwest  

This is a problem many writers, myself included, tend to struggle with, and that's focusing too much on the minutia of the language and worried that they aren't being creative enough with their vocabulary usage. There's a natural tendency to want to flair up a piece by scouring your thesaurus...

So "you can't write about X because YOU aren't X"? r/writing   u/SpyroConspirator  

Because it's time we move past this silly strawman.

I realize meta-discussion is a messy subject, but at this point I think it might be necessary. Every week or so a thread will pop that's something along the lines of: "don't listen to those SJWs/feminists/whatever telling you that you can't...

I’m Michael Tucker, creator of Lessons from the Screenplay, AMA. r/Screenwriting   u/michaeltuckerla  

Hello /r/screenwriting! I’m Michael Tucker, creator of the YouTube channel Lessons from the Screenplay.

As of today, the LFTS team and I are launching a podcast! [Beyond the...

You Don’t Need To Be X to Write About X r/writing   u/Optronx  

So I’ve lurked here for awhile and I’m sure this post is going to get downvoted a ton but I just want to speak my peace. The most fun part about writing (for me at least) is exploring a world, characters, or situations that I may or may not have experienced in my personal life. It’s about being...

20th Century Fox Script report on Boogie Nights. Recommendation: No. Concept: Poor. (1994) r/Screenwriting   u/nedelbach  
Received my first rejection letter today for a short story. r/writing   u/mediocreatleast  

So far I feel like this is one of the better short stories I've written, but I can completely see where it falters.

It stings a little, and I'm trying to look at it as a complete positive. Any tips on how to stay positive amidst the rejections and use the feedback as a force to keep...

[LOGLINE] When he discovers that the hottest underground rapper on Sound Cloud is actually his Dad, a nerdy kid offers to be the face of the music in hopes that it will help him become popular. r/Screenwriting   u/funkydrake  

EDIT: Whoa, lots of great feedback! I'm pumped to write it now. I'll be back with the first draft!!

I know it's been done, but I like the idea of a totally normal suburban dad easily cranking out the finest mumble rap this side of your local face tattoo parlor.

[OFFER] My birthday is next week, so I bought myself the Dark Knight trilogy screenplay book. But I'd also like to buy you, a random screenwriter, professional notes on your feature script. No strings. No hook. Just a writer helping a writer. r/Screenwriting   u/_BjornBlack_  

My real screenwriting friends here in Oslo skriver på Norsk, Svensk, Polsk, og Tyskk. Basically, they don't do English features yet.

So I'd like to buy a random redditor here professional notes on their feature screenplay. This subreddit has been nice to me since joining reddit so I would like...

Suddenly all games, movies, shows, and everything lose copyright protection. What happens and is this a good thing? r/hypotheticalsituation   u/GeneralPurposeHuman  

Anything made in the would have copyright protection just stuff that currently exists.

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