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What hostels are destinations themselves? Such as Secret Garden Cotopaxi in Ecuador, Skyewalker Hostel in Scotland, The Ginger Monkey in Slovakia.. any others? • When was the first time you were left speechless from traveling?

What hostels are destinations themselves? Such as Secret Garden Cotopaxi in Ecuador, Skyewalker Hostel in Scotland, The Ginger Monkey in Slovakia.. any others? r/solotravel • u/ahouseofgold share

Casa en el Agua is a two hour boat ride from Cartagena in Colombia and I’m gonna be staying there next week!


Majdas in Mostar, Bosnia. It's legendary among Balkan backpackers for a reason. They cook you breakfast every morning and the tour with the owner's brother is an experience in itself. I was there in 2012 and hear it's still going strong.


Smiling Pig Hostel in Siragao Philippines.

People would return home and then come back and stay for months. It's the kind of place where you dont leave if you can help it.

Best part is it's kinda only partly a party hostel. You can just sit there and you are automatically involved in what's ever going on. Everyone respects one another and if you dont? You are kicked out


El Río Hostel outside of Santa Marta in Colombia! They have their own private lazy river and beach and huge weekend parties! Books out several weeks in advance.

It won some hostel of the year award for Colombia and second best in all of latin America. Also I love their logo and bought 2 hats while I was there.


Falling lakes hostel, near Plitvice lakes in Croatia. They organize kayaking tours and do free day hikes.


Kex in Reykjavik, although it’s a city.

I’m dying to stay in a hostel next to the Great Wall of China one day, can’t think of the name.

When was the first time you were left speechless from traveling? r/solotravel • u/charmnr share

For me, I had just moved to Heidelberg, Germany for a short period of time. I went for a run on some trails through the woods and climbed to the top of a mountain that provided the most amazing view of the city (or any city) I had ever seen.

When I saw the Milky Way for the first time in Joshua Tree. I always thought those galaxy pictures were exaggerated until I saw all the amazing hues, bands, stars, etc. in person. It was truly breathtaking and a moment I still think about to this day.


Not the first time (i can't remember that) but the most recent was being at Lake Kawaguchiko and it being so cloudy I couldn't see Mt. Fuji at all. 2 minutes later I turn around and the clouds are parting and Mt. Fuji appears and all of a sudden I understood why so many people have been writing stories and drawing pictures of this mountain for thousands of years. I'm getting chills just writing this.

Five months ago I took a 70 L backpack on a one week trip to Barcelona. Last week I took a 10 day trip in a 16 L backpack! Thank you /r/onebag! r/onebag • u/general_0408 share

Gear Photo

I spent 8 days in Barcelona last spring, and I had a great time.

I'm all set for my 6+ month trip to SEA. Couldn't have done it without y'all, r/onebag r/onebag • u/gabek333 share

Here's my bag

I'm heading out to SEA in a few days, and now I am ready to go. Thoughts always appreciated.

Hanoi, Vietnam on $10 a day r/Shoestring • u/DVC888 share
Wife and I doing 6 months SE Asia. 30 days: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, then elsewhere. What order should we do these (regardless, starting with Thailand)? r/Shoestring • u/IanalystI share
Which functional clothing pieces can be combined with as many other pieces as possible? r/onebag • u/travel_scrooge share

Could you list me some of the most versatile clothing pieces, e.

Sunrise view of the Fairy Chimneys from my hot air balloon ride in Göreme, Turkey. r/travel • u/unanatkumot share
According to legend, when the Bishop of Bamberg refused to give citizens land to build a town hall, they did not let that stop them. Altes Rathaus is built into the middle of the Regnitz River (Bamberg, Germany). Photo taken during my first trip abroad in March. r/travel • u/BeastyBrett share
The altitude had me in tears towards the end of this hike. Cried even harder when I finally made it. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Laguna 69, Peru. r/backpacking • u/ObamasLoveChild share
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