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Nintendo Switch Lite: a smaller, cheaper Switch built for handheld play

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Nintendo Switch Lite: a smaller, cheaper Switch built for handheld play r/gadgets   u/anonboxis  
Apple kills MacBook 12 after four years r/gadgets   u/nopantsdolphin  
IBM patents a watch that unfolds into a full tablet r/gadgets   u/nopantsdolphin  
Apple killing AR glasses points to much bigger product design problem r/gadgets   u/nopantsdolphin  
Apple updates Retina MacBook Air, adds True Tone, lowers price to $1099 — $999 for students r/apple   u/MalteseAppleFan  
How Steve Jobs decided to change the original iPhone from plastic to glass just six months before it went on sale r/gadgets   u/nopantsdolphin  
Apple's next privacy service should be a VPN r/apple   u/pineapplesbeforesex  
AI Trained on Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed r/technews   u/ourlifeintoronto  
In world first, Japan's Hayabusa2 probe collects samples from distant asteroid after second successful touchdown r/technews   u/ourlifeintoronto  
Instagram now asks bullies: 'Are you sure?' r/technews   u/Bakedschwarzenbach  

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