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Apple announces iPhone 11 Pro: triple camera, A13 chip, more • New Apple Watch Series 5: always-on display

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Apple announces iPhone 11 Pro: triple camera, A13 chip, more • r/apple • u/aaronp613 share
New Apple Watch Series 5: always-on display • r/gadgets • u/anonboxis share
Microsoft unveils redesigned To-Do app that will replace Wunderlist • r/microsoft • u/i_post_tech_articles share
Kickstarter employees fired for trying to unionize • r/hackernews • u/qznc_bot2 share
France Took One Look at Facebook's Cryptocurrency and Said, 'Hell, Non' • r/technews • u/Bakedschwarzenbach share
Period tracking apps reportedly shared sensitive data (heaviness of their menstrual flow, their body weight, or when they last had sex) with Facebook • r/technews • u/Aedengeo share
Toyota Is Trying to Figure Out How to Make a Car Run Forever • r/tech • u/ga-vu share
Google to pay $1.1 billion in France following tax probe • r/technews • u/blazikenwarrior share

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