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"The people living their best lives aren't posting about it on Instagram."

Unreadit/Self Improvement
"The people living their best lives aren't posting about it on Instagram." r/quotes   u/olly_2101  
Always know your next three tasks and commit to doing them in sequence. Pausing after one task to decide what to do next creates an opportunity to dither and procrastinate. r/productivity   u/argtri  
“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river, and he is not the same man” -Heraclitus of Ephesus r/quotes   u/Alex67024  
LPT: If you’re not sure whether someone is waving at you or someone behind you, just smile at them. r/LifeProTips   u/Coffeecor25  
Negotiate the shit out of your salary. A mere $1000/yr in salary at the beginning of your career is worth $163,000 after inflation accounting for raises and reinvestment. r/personalfinance   u/TesticlesTheElder  

Do the math and look for yourself.

I made a spreadsheet for people who don't know how to budget! r/personalfinance   u/Celesmeh  

Hey guys! last year I made a spreadsheet to help myself budget- I'm terrible at sticking to a budget so I made a sheet that breaks it down so that I just have the ability to break it down to a daily manageable amount.

LPT: If you don't have a dog and are feeling lonely, local rescues are ALWAYS looking for volunteer dog walkers r/LifeProTips   u/kendallybrown  
Is adult life after graduating college just a game of guessing and wondering and figuring things out? r/productivity   u/10pumpsclassic  

I graduated college at 22, I'm 25 now, and not in my field, but working towards it.

LPT: One way to help keep hanging out with friends as you get older is to pick a regularly a occurring thing you do together. Ex: every week watch Game of Thrones together, or a sports team (football is best since it’s once a week). Sounds silly when you're young, but keep this in mind in your 30s. r/LifeProTips   u/WhatUsername367  
LPT: If you need the photos off of a PPTX or DOCX, change the extension to .zip and it will become a folder with the images inside. r/LifeProTips   u/Thrallsman  

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