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“If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies.” ― Jon Stewart • Why I started journaling and how it affected me

Unreadit/Self Improvement
“If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies.” ― Jon Stewart r/quotes • u/briburt share
Why I started journaling and how it affected me r/selfimprovement • u/Herman_Martinus share

It all started with a drink. I was going through a weird, transitionary period in my life, and a decent few things started with a drink.

That’s awesome, I’m glad journaling has helped you self-reflect on progress you’ve made that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed! You’re a great writer, btw.


Thank you for sharing! I have a brand new notebook meant for exactly this purpose. However, it is still brand new. The thought of writing a page a day seems daunting as of now, but I guess I never considered just doing a couple sentences a day. I shall try this! Thanks again and good luck!


I journal every few days or so and I completely agree, it's crazy how helpful it is. I especially agree with points 2 and 3 though. For people like myself who don't really have anybody non-judgmental to confide in, it's really an invaluable safe space to clarify your thoughts. Maybe it's just me but I suspect that people really need that kind of environment to function properly, and journalling is a great way to do it. The long term reflection thing is crazy too, all of the little advances you make every day, like you say, are so easy to forget and take for granted. Looking back and reading something about how frustrated I was that I couldn't get out of bed at the same time each day, or how I wanted to solo travel through Spain but I didn't really believe that I could do it, it just gives you the right perspective.

What I learned from therapy: Most of my anxiety was false beliefs I created in my own head r/howtonotgiveafuck • u/DrakeImYourSon share

I checked into therapy because I’ve always had low self-esteem and I found myself getting really bitter over normal things like constructive criticism at work and romantic rejection.

No one in this world beats you up nearly as much as yourself. And that, at the end of the day, is a choice you make (consciously or otherwise). There is massive power in taking control of your inner monologue. Glad your therapist was able to help connect those dots for you. It's a daily struggle but worth every bit of the effort.

IWTL how to forget and let go of all the moments that were embarrassing and make me cringe. r/IWantToLearn • u/kkuunal share

I’m just busy in work and then from nowhere I think about this moment where I completely fucked up and it makes me cringe so bad that I make some weird expressions or some weird sounds and then I have to pretend to do something to cover this fuck up but I just keep on cringing.

Due to the spotlight effect you might remember it but are you sure anyone else does?

Try to think of some embarrassing things that other people do. Can you think of any or did you not even notice? If you can recall some, how does this change your opinion of them? Do you really care?

Failing that if I embarrass myself publicly and undeniably I try to acknowledge that I'm human and I will fuck up sometimes. No big deal everyone does it.

IWTL how to meet guys without dating apps r/IWantToLearn • u/CloudyReign147 share

Before you say “just go outside!” I should tell you this question is coming from a mega socially inept introvert.

I’d join a club or find a group hobby that you like. Then you’ll have something in common with everybody there and a connection and reason to talk.Sport is good (I’m gay but there’s plenty of mixed sport clubs) or a book group etc if that’s what you like. Even if you don’t meet someone you’ll have fun and make friends


Find a cause you care about and volunteer- you’re there to do a job, it’s not a social occasion but you may meet people whose views align with yours. If you meet someone well, that’s great, but if not at least your time was well spent

I'm sowly nuking all my social media accounts and it's the best I've felt in a long time. r/selfimprovement • u/Biomancer_ share

It's funny how all it takes is one social media post from someone with a (supposedly) cooler life than you to completely ruin your day. Well, no more.

Right on. I recently have been trying to cull my Youtube subscription list as well. You don’t really realize it but when you spend a lot of time on a website the videos that are being presented to you can have a big impact on your stream of consciousness.


Right on. I ended up getting rid of all my social media a few months ago. Like, straight up deleting my accounts. I've got to say, I feel a lot less destracted at the very least. I told myself I'd probably get back into it after a year if I'm in a better place than I was when I deleted it, and after having lost a ton of weight, exapanded my horizons, and hopping into a new career, I think it was for the best.

I loved being a janitor. r/simpleliving • u/QuigleyOverYonder share

The best job I ever had was being a janitor. I worked 40 hours a week and made 12.50 an hour. My job was cleaning banks at night, I would clean while listening to podcasts and it was so relaxing.

I used to work at a fruit stand. $8/hr. I'd just read and help old ladies pick watermelons. Best damn job of all time.


This reminds me of an episode of Freakonomics I once listened to:
Thank you for doing such an necessary and important job. I'm happy that it's something you love to do.

"Education is not memorizing that Hitler killed 6million jews.Education is understanding how millions of ordinary Germans were convinced that it was required. Education is learning how to spot the signs of history repeating itself." r/quotes • u/st-uti share

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