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If you're 20-29 please stop calling / thinking you're old.

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If you're 20-29 please stop calling / thinking you're old. r/selfimprovement   u/throwawayultimate5  

I see this happen waaay too much online and in real life. Yes, you're not a teenager anymore, but that doesn't mean you're OLD.

I say this because a lot of people who are in that age range make that statement and then proceed to not do anything with their lives. Essentially, they think "what's...

LPT: You must learn to be happy alone to be able to be happy with someone else. Do not have the mindset that another person is the key to your happiness. r/LifeProTips   u/fireshade10  

Friend went through another breakup and is broken, having to help him get back on his feet, I said these words to him and he understood a bit better that he needs to find his own happiness first.

Edit: Wanted to include this if you are already in a relationship. You may have found someone that...

[Story] It’s okay to be afraid. r/GetMotivated   u/peenter  
In an era of 'treat yourself' make sure it's within your personal budget r/personalfinance   u/theo_dx  

I've noticed in the last few years a lot of people use "treating themselves" as an excuse to overspend. I agree that you should treat yourself! It's so much easier to live within a budget when you do, however, my tip is budget for this and don't over indulge!

Personally, as a broke University...

[IMAGE] Daily Bob Ross Motivation r/GetMotivated   u/will_evans10199  
[Text] The person you will be in 5 years depends largely on the books you read, the people you spend time with, the food you eat, the habits you adopt and the conversations you engage in today. r/GetMotivated   u/NoviceJavaProgrammer  
LPT: If you're thinking about turning your hobby into a profession, be aware that it will no longer feel like a hobby in short order, and may not have anywhere close to the same enjoyment. r/LifeProTips   u/TheTerraformer  

I'm sure this doesn't apply to every skilled hobbyist out there, but speaking for myself, and a lot of artists I've seen try to build successful businesses from their art, I can say that there is a good chance that you will hate what you do as much, if not more than whatever you're doing now for...

I am 26 and am in a position to save heavily for retirement, but maxing out my retirement accounts seems to be too focused on retiring at 55+ r/personalfinance   u/Tossmeout3241  

I have enough extra income every month to where I want to get a very focused and disciplined plan going on saving for retirement. I have hit this weird realization though: if I were to put every penny I had toward my IRA/401k, I could put in over 20k before I reached the contribution limits. If...

Laziness charges interest people! r/DecidingToBeBetter   u/asiandude1997  

Whenever I don't feel like doing something, whether it's finishing assignments, going to the gym, reading a book or cleaning my room, I treat each of the task as a form of non-financial debt. I tell myself "Well if you don't pay your 'debts' now, then it's gonna incur interest and things are...

"So far you've survived 100% of your worst days. This too shall pass." r/quotes   u/xTiltedHal0x  
[Method] Stop kicking up an internal fuss, then using that fuss as an excuse to avoid doing things. r/getdisciplined   u/ssjg0ten5reddit  

This is personally what changed every single thing in my life, so I hope it at least helps one other person.

So you don't want to do something you don't feel like? That's OK. Just do it.

Before you tell me to fuck off, hear me out.

What you (probably) currently do is kick up an internal...

Changed the direction of a tricky convo instead of nodding along, proud of myself. r/DecidingToBeBetter   u/4m41  

I just got out of a lyft ride that could’ve went a completely different way (socially not physically lol) One specific thing I have wanted to change abt myself has been agreeing and mindlessly following along with people (something I do instinctively at this point).

The situation: My lyft...

[Advice] Unconditional self-acceptance before self-discipline. r/getdisciplined   u/Pand9  

Self acceptance comes first.

If you are doing self-discipline because you don't like yourself, you are a victim of conditional self-acceptance.

Initially it was hard for me to believe that "permanent self acceptance" is even possible. It is possible. And if it is, why work on self-discipline,...

[Advice] Caffeine can be a reason why you are tired r/getdisciplined   u/mindmapsofficial  

I know this post is going to receive a lot of hate because how popular coffee is (I love it too), but I recently quit it in January and wanted to report some of the benefits and why you should at least take a break from it.

  1. Increased Energy levels - Caffeine works by blocking adenosine...
Thinking Kind Thoughts About Yourself Boosts Both Physical and Mental Health - "According to a new study, self-compassion and thinking kind thoughts about yourself is not only good for your mental health, but can actually affect you at a physical and biological level." r/ZenHabits   u/Lightfiend  
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