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Lazy Sunday - [ Pixel 3 XL ]

Lazy Sunday - [ Pixel 3 XL ] r/mobilephotography   u/kevito713  
ITAP of a VW Bus reflection r/itookapicture   u/mattjunes  
ITAP as I was flying over Sydney Harbour r/itookapicture   u/nickb17  
ITAP of a lone sheep atop an Irish mountaintop during a stormy day r/itookapicture   u/yobelprize  
ITAP snow in Amsterdam is magic r/itookapicture   u/gabrielguita  
ITAP of a beach in Washington r/itookapicture   u/tunesm1th  
playing with shadows r/photocritique   u/biondij_  
Noticed my photos were lacking composition so I've been trying to work on improving it. Thoughts? [Composition] [Colour] r/photocritique   u/Piranhi  
Photographer walks 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, taking portraits of those he meets along the way: "Hiker Trash Vogue" r/photography   u/ItsMeEntropy  
1TB SD Cards are here. r/photography   u/SemperExcelsior  
Light and shadow.. Thoughts? r/photocritique   u/__unique__name__  
Sunrise Through the Trees. r/photocritique   u/AuschwitzJew2000  
Travel Portrait of My Wife in Cambodia [Style] [Composition] r/photocritique   u/rschaps  
How can I edit my night photos to produce a cyberpunk look like this photo by Adalberto Correale? r/postprocessing   u/Espiochaotix16  
The Way We Take Photos Has Changed, But What Ansel Adams Brought To The Craft Hasn't r/photography   u/ccurzio  
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