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Gym sold my bank account to another gym, $500 charge • I've been lurking a long time and have learned a lot from this community. Just wanted to give back a little!

Unreadit/Personal Finance
Gym sold my bank account to another gym, $500 charge r/personalfinance • u/Wildkarrde_ share

Hello, I woke up this morning to two separate charges that add up to $490 to my checking account. It was to, let's call it Gym A. I'm not a member there, had to look it up to even locate it.

I've been lurking a long time and have learned a lot from this community. Just wanted to give back a little! r/personalfinance • u/geminijester617 share

*Edit: Putting this closer to the top: To use it for yourself, go to "File > Make a Copy" or "Download" if you would prefer it in Excel.

A raise is still a raise regardless of if you cross a tax bracket. r/personalfinance • u/11PoseidonsKiss20 share

In a state government job, and we all just got a raise. For many in my department, that crossed them into a higher federal bracket.

High-Income Millennials Put Retirement Savings Ahead of Student Loans: Survey r/financialindependence • u/WifeKidsJob2 share

A new Spectrem Group report on millennials focuses on income levels rather than net worth in an effort to discover how this generation of high earners is using its significant income to create a portfolio of investment and savings vehicles.

I can’t tell anyone I actually know, so you guys get the fun r/financialindependence • u/Flakmaster92 share

TL;DR: high salary worker with no debt saves a lot of money, feels good about self. Greetings all. I think this is actually my first post in this subreddit, though I’ve been lurking for about a year now.

Seriously reconsider living in a 3rd world country as a plan. r/leanfire • u/MomentarySpark share

I've posted this advice countless times now. Figured I'd make one last post about it and move on here. So you want to live in Thailand / Belize / Montenegro / Fiji as a plan.

Google Sheets Personal Financial Tracker [Template] r/FinancialPlanning • u/Robot_Joey share

I think this subreddit will appreciate this! Here is a spreadsheet system I made for personal finances.

The Best Money Advice From Well-Known People [And Key Takeaways] • r/FinancialPlanning • u/tk4087 share
Passive Income for College Students? r/passive_income • u/devten_ share


Review of NYTimes review of 4 "Typical" Middle Class Families r/financialindependence • u/gigamosh57 share


This NYT article seems aimed at showing the range of middle class incomes and how seemingly minor things can make a normal life feel impossible.

How to budget consumables and fight lifestyle inflation? r/leanfire • u/bombala share

For the past few months I have been tracking every dollar I spend and following a strict budget. I want control over my money and exactly how much is spent and saved so that I can fight lifestyle inflation.

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