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Why is Meditation so Hard? Because of the Monkey Inside us • Let Go

Why is Meditation so Hard? Because of the Monkey Inside us r/Meditation • u/pysk00l share

tldr: The monkey inside of us, is the biggest enemy we have to meditation and spiritual progress.

The Buddha said meditation, gaining master of the mind, is like taming a wild beast. I think this metaphor is very apt.

Let Go r/awakened • u/RealityHackerAcademy share

Right now you’re feeling the weight of some condition in your life. Well, most likely many, many conditions. It feels heavy, like a weight or pressure bearing down on you, squeezing the life out of you.

Thank you very much for this.

I've been struggling with a burnout for the past eight weeks.

I was in a position where i was heavily influenced by toxic people, taking over their habits and in that i lost myself.

I was lost in the whirlwind of emotions that aren't mine.
Feeling overwhelmed and like there was a big black hole of emptyness and darkness in the center of my chest.

Thankyou lovely human!

If we expect aliens to treat us with kindness, then we need to treat our own lesser evolved species with kindness first... r/Psychonaut • u/gooddeath share
How to Develop an Aura of Self-Confidence r/Meditation • u/bekindbehappy share

A person who radiates a strong aura of self-confidence is assuring, reliable, and can provide others with a sense of comfort and safety.

Does the passing of time scare anyone else? r/Meditation • u/[deleted] share

I’ve been somewhat anxious lately as to discovering how fast the past few months have flown by. It’s giving me a bit of an existential crises haha.

You guys saved my life r/Meditation • u/tripsteady share

Hi All

I have had struggles all my life with anxiety, depression, ruminating and extreme overthinking and then one day things took a turn for the worst.

You mention meditation being dangerous in a way.

Sometimes I question whether it was good for me to get into meditation at a relatively young age (17). It gave me realizations that detached me from the material world and took me out of the fantasy/narrative that most of us participate in which ended up causing me to feel very alienated at times.

But I was far from enlightened, and still suffered from petty desires and insecurities even with the realization of what the truth really is. So I always had this inner conflict/tension in me, which tore up my personality a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if my life would have been better if the curtain was never lifted and I fully participated in the fantasy without questioning it if that makes sense.

Finally got the courage to leave a man I love who treats me wrong. Help me finding strength. r/Buddhism • u/rumtiger share

Because of beginning study of Buddhism and practicing meditation and other self care rituals I finally got the courage to leave.

Becoming awakened is really no joke r/awakened • u/acting_human_is_fun share
Calling Someone ‘Smart’ or ‘Talented’ Completely Undermines Any Hard Work They Do medium.com • r/ZenHabits • u/eolszewski share
How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want To blogs.hbr.org • r/ZenHabits • u/lighteninglife share
Why Screwing Things Up Is Crucial to Your Well-Being tinybuddha.com • r/ZenHabits • u/lighteninglife share
My local Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. r/Buddhism • u/justflum share

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