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CMV: Unchecked capitalism in healthcare and education is the most damaging problem in the US.

CMV: Unchecked capitalism in healthcare and education is the most damaging problem in the US. r/changemyview   u/theresourcefulKman  

Doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, principals, technicians, janitors and researchers make these systems work. Medical billing companies, text book corporations, charter schools, advertising, and private insurance make money off of these systems, and have to gouge the most vulnerable to...

ELI5: Why are military boots laced? r/explainlikeimfive   u/KlebbTheKunt  

Surely a velcro or a boa closing system would be better, especially if you need to be up and on the move quickly. Doing all those laces must take forever.

I saw a picture of a single atom. What is in the "empty" space between the camera and the atom? r/askscience   u/a_l_existence  
Time flies r/interestingasfuck   u/cyan1618  
CMV: The controversy surrounding Liam Neeson's recent interview is wholly irrational, and show's plainly the counterprodictivity of outrage culture. r/changemyview   u/OddlySpecificReferen  

For those unfamiliar with the controversy, I'll give a brief overview. Liam Neeson recently was giving an interview about his new movie Cold Pursuit, which is being branded as a very dark comedy with the futility/uselessness of revenge being the main theme. Neeson talks about how the character...

What is the most hurtful thing a medical professional has ever said to you? r/AskReddit   u/slinkslowdown  
The Empire State Building, complete with King Kong, made entirely out of chocolate. r/interestingasfuck   u/Gato1980  
Are we just “lucky” that Magnetic North is very close to True North, or is there something more behind the reason? r/askscience   u/HeirApperent  
What is a sensation that you can't stand, even though it's not painful ? r/AskReddit   u/Charlleshenry  
What was the dumbest thing you ever did to try and impress a girl or guy? r/AskReddit   u/Mea05cer  
ELI5: How do dryer sheets remove wrinkles and/or reduce static if it's just the small sheet? Wouldn't it not be touching all the clothes in the load? r/explainlikeimfive   u/Kronzit29  
ELI5: how do birds and the like survive inside an egg without an oxygen supply? r/explainlikeimfive   u/yeacomethru  
Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be hit by repeated accusations of socialism or communist during the implementation of the New Deal . But what did actual Communists and Socialists think of the New Deal? r/AskHistorians   u/nowlan101  
Can the body naturally clean fat from arteries? r/askscience   u/Naygen  

Assuming one is fairly active and has a fairly healthy diet.

Or once the fat sets in, it's there for life?

Can the blood vessels ever reach peak condition again?

ELI5: How did they resize photos before computers r/explainlikeimfive   u/lilbud2000  

Before computers, how did they resize photos to be bigger than they originally were? Like taking a small negative from a camera and enlarging it to be almost poster size.

Or taking a drawing and resizing it to fit a book cover or album cover.

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