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The Wind Down • Getting this digital nomad life correct, one day at a time. New Haven, CT @ FoodTruckParadise (+nelly +burrito)

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RoboForm Password Manager. You’ll never need to remember or type your passwords again. sponsored  

Say goodbye to writing down passwords. One license for all your devices! RoboForm securely stores all of your passwords and logs you in with a single click (or tap).

The Wind Down r/Entrepreneur • u/foolkillercoming4

I'm in a significantly different place than most of you. Already built my businesses and am now preparing for a complete wind down and retirement in 6 months.

Getting this digital nomad life correct, one day at a time. New Haven, CT @ FoodTruckParadise (+nelly +burrito) r/digitalnomad • u/nckishtp
[UPDATE] now features a JSON editor that allows you to fill your API with dummy data in seconds based on a schema you define r/webdev • u/pandavpanda
Body expanding after transform: translate () being used to move half of the object out of view on mobile devices r/webdev • u/Advait1306
Here are some niche job boards digital nomads might find useful r/digitalnomad • u/xxxstartups

Hello! I've created a list of niche job boards that digital nomads might find useful.

How to Close More Clients with the Mere-exposure Effect r/Entrepreneur • u/BenJackGill

How do celebrities become so popular?

I've always found that whole concept really interesting.

I'm making my own smartmirror 'OS' • r/SideProject • u/vesaf
🌟 Announcing “Quark” — An IDE and a Javascript runtime to build cross-platform desktop applications ⚡ r/SideProject • u/NishkalKashyap
Six months ago I wrote a popular post on r/digitalnomad stating I am a copywriter who makes upwards of $300k a year and that my sister lost her job and that I was teaching her how to do what I do. I made 8 videos (in the post) and she got her first job for $5k a month. Posting here also AMA. r/Entrepreneur • u/AHoomanBeanz

Re-posting this.

From sunny Singapore r/digitalnomad • u/jeepney_danger

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