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101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human)

Unreadit/Indie Makers
From idea to successful product — web development for your business sponsored  

We are a European seasoned development firm that specializes in complex online projects. From web apps to mobile apps, to custom APIs, we’ll create a robust solution that fits your business needs the right way.

101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human) r/webdev   u/ainu011  
My best friend just started a company called Rate My Sales Pitch where you can post a video of your sales pitch and get it “rated” by people. So if you need help with your elevator pitch, sales presentation, or closing skills then this could be a really good resource for you. r/Entrepreneur   u/Littlebitty78  
5 months ago I made a post about buying a coffee shop and everyone told me not to do it. I am back with an update. r/Entrepreneur   u/nice_elsewhere  
[Showoff Saturday] I made an anime player that fetches videos from legal streaming sites and has nice animations r/webdev   u/daddatv  
32, Black Woman, Single Mom, Raised in Hood, Drug Addicted & Absentee Parents, Once Was Homeless & Preggo Just Crossed 100K Net Worth Living in NY r/financialindependence   u/nevion03  

As the title states.... ​

I've been a long time lurker and just crunched the numbers tonight and wanted to share. I am so happy. I did it.

In 2000, I Printed Out Some of the Top Websites as Examples of Good Design r/webdev   u/FishDawgX  
How Firefox 68 tackles web compatibility issues by spoofing UA or injecting CSS/JS into sites r/webdev   u/kickass_turing  

Hi all,

Firefox 68 has a new page called about:compat. Chrome has a majority of market share.

After months of struggling, I'm finally getting clients r/Entrepreneur   u/PricelessLife  

In January I started a marketing agency focusing on tech/SaaS startups. For six months, I just couldn't land any clients no matter what method I tried.

Case Study: How I Find & Select a Manufacturer on Alibaba r/Entrepreneur   u/FBAThrow  
Someone posted a video showing off their pseudo desktop UI last week and I tried to make my version of it as a self challenge. r/webdev   u/_-__-_-__-__-  
Thinking of beating feet and retiring overseas to take advantage of that sweet geographic arbitrage? Here's a simple test I've designed to let you know if the lifestyle might be right for you. (or not) r/financialindependence   u/Oax_Mike  

Tell someone who hates their job or who is struggling with money that they can live off unlimited borscht in Siberia on 85 kopeks per day and they'll start packing their bags before bothering to find out that they hate beet soup or that there's no Bed, Bath & Beyond in Irkutsk.

Some Honest Thoughts About the DN Lifestyle (from a Dreamy 21 Year Old Who Actually Did it) r/digitalnomad   u/iraautemtempus  

After successfully having lived the digital nomad life for the last 7 months, I'm feeling compelled to give back to the community that got me there in the first place.

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