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One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the languages you use or the practices you follow

Unreadit/Indie Makers
One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the languages you use or the practices you follow r/webdev   u/fagnerbrack  
don't ever give up, and don't ever compare yourself to other people r/financialindependence   u/PresentSwitch  

Posting from a throw-away account to share some deep / honest thoughts, random stream of consciousness below - apologies in advance for some incoherent thoughts:

Reading [this...

Side Hustle Discord Server - Discuss your indie business and learn how to grow it with us! r/indiebiz   u/Kevinaleven  
I am a Web Dev. And I am Burnt The F#*K Out. r/webdev   u/breich  

TL;DR; A rant from a dinosaur that can't keep up anymore. How do you guys do this?

*EDIT: Holy cow.

FIRE at 41 and I joined the 17.9% of women who decided not to have kids. Has this percentage come up in this subreddit before? I could not find it…… r/financialindependence   u/maggio179  

…so I did some research, see Section 2 below. Before I started, I would have guessed it would be between 5% to 10%. I was actually shocked how high it was. Nearly everyone I know has kids or planning to have kids.

Luzern, Switzerland | First spot as a temporary digital nomad r/digitalnomad   u/rowbot34  
Anyone in charge of a support or info email account and wants to share the workflow insights? r/indiebiz   u/simonmsims  

Are any of you guys using an email address that multiple people need to access and manage?

If so, I would really appreciate your 2 cents on the matter.

A Beginner's Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer r/webdev   u/lord-bazooka  
What are your top 3 "must read" books for someone looking to open their own business? r/Entrepreneur   u/life180degrees  
[VENT] Frustrated with where I am... feels like FI is so far away r/financialindependence   u/hellowerlt  

Feelin' Frustrated, Might Delete Later, IDK

Maybe this should go in r/offmychest, but here I am... ​

A little history/background about myself:

  • My family moved to the US from Asia when I was a baby.
Sold my company! r/Entrepreneur   u/Bradmhill  

Got a nice 7 figure deal for a marketing company I started at my kitchen table 13 years ago. Very lucky to have partnered with the right guy (who bought me out) and now I'm working to build my rental portfolio.

Drop a link to your company’s website below and I’ll respond with where I think your site is lacking and how to improve it. No, I’m not trying to sell you a master class or link to a blog post. I’ll try to answer as many of you as possible. r/Entrepreneur   u/dont_stress  

This sub used to be amazing.. it was a place where we all contributed to helping each other succeed. Lately, it seems more and more people have just been trying to use this community.

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