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How to make easy $10,000 in 3 simple steps

Unreadit/Indie Makers

"Indie makers", "Indie hackers", whatever you want to call us, this amazing community of digital entrepreneurs is growing by the day, and we're excited to be part of it.

Since launching "Boxy" a few years ago, we've never stopped working on side projects, even with day jobs. We recently quit our jobs to go all in on our side projects, so these are really exciting times for us.

Unreadit is the first product we're going to launch since we're full time. Follow us on Twitter for the ride: Fabrizio and Francesco.

Enjoy the issue!

How to make easy $10,000 in 3 simple steps r/Entrepreneur   u/alertify  
  1. Buy $11,000 worth of salt.
  2. Sell for $10,000.
  3. Boom. $10,000 in revenue, overnight.

Bonus - Post it on /r/entrepreneur

Whenever someone shares their revenue numbers, but not their expenses/profits/margins, take it with $1,000 grains worth’s of salt. Most probably they are...

Have anyone come to Portu, Portugal? I heard that it was a heaven for Digital Nomads. r/digitalnomad   u/Yolofreelance  
Navigating the “experience economy” on the way to FIRE r/financialindependence   u/FIRE_At_Llama_Speed  

I wanted to write this post because I’ve seen a lot of posts from young people (late teens to mid-20s) who are on their journey to FIRE, who are struggling with finding the balance between “living now” and “saving for later”. There are a lot of posts from young people who want to save for their...

Cambodia r/digitalnomad   u/bottle_opener  
How do you deal with FOMO? r/financialindependence   u/brent1700  

I have my entire year planned out, savings goals in place, and FIRE constantly on my mind. I'm determined but, then things like this happen:

My friend posted a link to a concert announcement in a group text. Naturally, everyone was excited and chatting about it. Almost instantly, I decided that...

Can’t help but post my own tranquil Bangkok rooftop. $400 a month, no overpriced cocktails required. Bliss. r/digitalnomad   u/bottle_opener  
A Node.js Crash Course in 90 Minutes r/webdev   u/magenta_placenta  
I think now I understand why people hate Wordpress r/webdev   u/idk108  

When I was studying Wordpress for a job it was really okay. Seemed like a cool little thing you could use to organize stuff and allow people to update and insert content into their website.

Now I received a task in my job and I have to update a website. I said "okay I will just find where...

Last night in Bangkok: Laptop is charged, data is cheap, why not go to the top of a skyscraper and get some work done? r/digitalnomad   u/hyehwa17  
Animating URLs with Javascript and Emojis r/webdev   u/r-wabbit  
Major milestone - $1mm! Didn't know where else to express my excitement. r/financialindependence   u/El_Blanco_Nino  

I am a 34 year old single male.

When I was 29 I told myself I wanted to have $1mm by 35. As of today, I was able to hit my goal while still 34! Haven't felt this excited for a while. My dream of FIRE is starting to feel real.

I hadn't really thought about the idea of retiring early until I...

ADVICE: Here's what happens when you become too focused on your business r/Entrepreneur   u/Necrullz  

You know what happens when you become too focused on your business?

It starts to crumble.

Or, rather..YOU start to crumble.

Our culture of entrepreneurship is always encouraging hustle, non-stop work and achieving big numbers.

That's beginner stuff.

If that's what you base your whole...

We invented a whole language for our sci-fi archaeology game r/IndieDev   u/joethephish  
3 years ago, I was 🤬 of being a "business guy with an idea" and learned to code. Last week, I launched my first SaaS app. r/Entrepreneur   u/extrafoo  

[Sorry resubmitting, previous post disappeared]

Business guys. You know, the Patagonia vest wearing tribe of people who have bold visions but can't tell you a thing until you have signed an NDA. The ones who are always one developer away from becoming a...

My cofounder created a tool to track website visitors in real time in Slack r/SideProject   u/i_dont_byte  

We created this for ourselves to understand where our traffic was coming from, which pages users were visiting and where they were dropping off. Might be useful for other early stage startups looking to understand their traffic. :)

Link to tool

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