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I analyzed 3.25 billion site visits to find out where different industries get their traffic. • My side project has now 25k active users per month and generate over $1k / month

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I analyzed 3.25 billion site visits to find out where different industries get their traffic. r/Entrepreneur • u/kjb123etc share

I just finished a two-month project analyzing 3.25 billion website visits to find out:

  • What are the main traffic sources for the top sites across 12 different industries?
  • How much do different industries rely on Google and Facebook?
  • Which social media networks send the most traffic to each industry?
  • And what are the largest traffic drivers overall (on average, regardless of...
My side project has now 25k active users per month and generate over $1k / month • r/SideProject • u/frenchcooc share
Found a nice EasterEgg in the html of the new DisneyPlus streaming service r/webdev • u/fail-mail-ninja share
Want more clients? You need to use the Ben Franklin effect r/Entrepreneur • u/BenJackGill share

When Benjamin Franklin was running for his second term as a clerk in the Pennsylvania legislature one of his colleagues gave a big speech criticizing him.

Is there a list of standard files and meta tags that every website should have? Eg. Favicon.ico, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, etc. r/webdev • u/84935 share

I know there are but I think this topic is worth starting a discussion over.

I made a site that scans the web daily for Remote Tech Jobs Worldwide :) • r/digitalnomad • u/LasekApps share

This is amazing. Great work


This is amazing, thank you so much! I am currently looking for a data position and this is so helpful!

An extensive list of current mostly remote jobs in the Bitcoin industry • r/digitalnomad • u/saladfingers6 share
Would anyone be interested in setting up a subreddit of potential investors with seed money for startups/entrepreneurs? r/Entrepreneur • u/I_like_vagina_pics share

Think shark tank. I’ve got money. I want to invest in several ventures/ideas I see periodically. I think a sub reddit where the mods are verified/credentialed investors/VCs/private equity/etc would be interesting.

What's your end game? r/digitalnomad • u/n0mad4 share

for me the nomadic lifestyle is more about going with the flow, trying to get away from the traditional 9-5 grind with all its sensible end goals (which seem to be all about putting off today for a better tomorrow - when youre old and gray and cant enjoy life anymore). ive put a few practical things into action and its looked after me so far but i dont focus on it so much.


32yo Australian male.

The truth is, I have no 'end game'. I could be anywhere doing anything in one, five, ten years.

This idea, traveling the world and working from a laptop, was a dream of mine, something to work towards, and it took a few years of hard work and sacrifice to get here. I have been traveling Asia for seven months now with no plans to return 'home' soon. If anything, I hope to get to Europe and then do this for another few years there, before returning to Australia.

With all of that said, I wonder about this every day. What am I doing? And why? What is the opportunity cost?

I'm not saving any money, I'm living on what I make online, and this is obviously not smart to do long-term.

I spent three months in Saigon recently. While there, I found myself thinking, I could live here. Maybe for a long, long time. I never expected to feel that way about any Asian city, let alone one in Vietnam of all places. There is so much opportunity in that part of the world right now. A man with ideas and work ethic could set himself up quite well in Saigon. Booming and blooming city imho.

At the same time, I think I could return to Australia and settle in to a normal job and life well enough. I did what I wanted (needed?) to do, I had a dream and worked towards and achieved and lived it for a while. I'm not the same person I was when I first thought this was such a great idea, perhaps it is time to try out the normal life again for a while.

tl;dr Been traveling and working from laptop for over seven months now, no long-term plans, nfi where I will be in the future, think about this a lot.


Personally I don't think I can ever settle down again, at least not in one place. I save about 70% of my post-tax salary, own apartments in Berlin and SF (I've never lived in either apartment), and am looking at buying one in Kyoto soon-ish. My long-term goal is to be comfortable off of airbnb rentals and travel back and forth between places I love. I might eventually buy some property in Idaho or Montana and build a house, airstrip, and onsen.


After 14 years on the road, the road just sort of ended in a heap of white sand by the water. There he was, like he had been waiting for me the whole time. The ending, like the journey was never planned and it turns out it was just the beginning.

Ok, which one of you did this? r/digitalnomad • u/3132334455 share

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