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What are some great podcasts to listen to for marketers?

Unreadit/Growth and Marketing
What are some great podcasts to listen to for marketers? r/marketing   u/J-TheTechie  
As marketers we sometimes forget that writing that sounds good, is very different from writing that works. r/GrowthHacking   u/Sand_Dune_Guy  

Read this quote in David Oglivy's "Oglivy on Advertising", and it reminded me of an important lesson.

Must Know Top 6 Massive Changes Coming to Google Ads r/PPC   u/josheph98  

In Google Marketing Live event 2019, Google made some announcements for the pay per click advertising agencies and PPC experts across the world.

Got my 1st client today! r/smallbusiness   u/withtheflw  

I signed my first paying client today! I'm super excited and wanted to share with someone.

"Its too expensive" what do you do? How about you double the price? r/sales   u/sting2018  

(Car sales, but I've applied this in both advertising and software sales as well)

Training a new rep, he has a hot lead. Lead is obviously qualified to buy.

I fucked up r/sales   u/donfonder  

So I was setting up a client today. I pulled out my phone to log onto my email. I opened my browser on the phone and I didn’t realize I left pornhub open from last night.

How to Spy On Your Competitors and Steal Their Best Marketing Tactics Today (For Free) r/GrowthHacking   u/incans  
I have $32k in my business account and I hired my 1st employee at $56k, did I make a huge mistake? r/smallbusiness   u/cutestain  

I have been on track to make $150k as a freelancer this year and am hoping with this new employee I can up it to at least $250k.

I have started a new project where I interview e-Commerce​ business owners. Can I get some feedback on my first video on how to improve? r/growmybusiness   u/Vespaman  

I love making videos and learning about e-commerce so I have decided to interview e-commerce business owners when I have free time.

What are the best books for people who want to start a small business? r/smallbusiness   u/nadavram  

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