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Google Sheets for digital marketers: Pivot tables

Unreadit/Growth and Marketing
Google Sheets for digital marketers: Pivot tables r/marketing   u/the_mmw  

EDIT: Just realized that I can't embed screenshots here.

How To Approach Content Marketing -- An Introductory Guide r/GrowthHacking   u/akmave  
Got my first lead! r/Affiliatemarketing   u/rljohns998  

After messing with some.niches and landing pages and Facebook targeting I got my very first lead opt in within an hour of my ad getting approved.

The Big Marketing FAQ You Didn't Know You Needed r/marketing   u/kirillionaire  

Because literally the same questions are asked here every single day, I thought I would consolidate feedback for these and respond to them once and for all.

I need help growing my technology services should I get new clients? r/growmybusiness   u/Paralyzer168  

I have a small technology services company (Technology Shepherds, LLC) on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio (Batavia specifically) and am not sure how I can market to gain new clients.

Any time I'm mentoring or helping train a new recruit and they ask me what it will take to succeed I show them my phone. r/sales   u/dieselengine9  

My phone after 9 years of dialing

I know, I should probably be able to remember the letters for the dial-by-name directories.

I’m building a free PWA that gives alerts when keywords/ ads/ ad groups/ campaigns decline in performance, what would you want to see out of it? r/PPC   u/painya  
As a marketer, what do you actually *do* ? r/marketing   u/danthedangerman  

Firstly, if you think this question is just too newby, go ahead and downvote and I’ll remove it - no hard feelings (😢)

But am curious.

Curated resources on Growth and Marketing r/GrowthHacking   u/akmave  

I firmly believe in continuous learning and have a mild obsession over building a learning organisation.

Habits of Best Salespeople at Your Company r/sales   u/slippy_b  
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