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Duck Duck Go on pace to hit 1% market share in the USA this month. Lets talk about best practices.

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Duck Duck Go on pace to hit 1% market share in the USA this month. Lets talk about best practices. r/SEO   u/secretagentdad  

Yeah, so I've been seeing more and more duck duck go in my analytics. Its actually passed up bing for me on a few of my sites that cater to a more technologically savvy audience.

How to actually set Facebook Ads (the real thing explained by a $10k+/month affiliate) r/Affiliatemarketing   u/senfettv93  
Yelp knows they have limited time until google reviews takes over. r/smallbusiness   u/junkremovalguy  

I am a small business owner of a Junk Removal and hauling company. For the last two years, I’ve answered the calls, given the quotes, and assisted in the labor.

With all the hype about the black hole pic, this community has know how a black hole looks for years r/PPC   u/30yearsajew  
Why I am No Longer Recommending Ahrefs to Beginners. r/SEO   u/Actual__Wizard  

The reason is pretty simple. Ahrefs decided awhile back that they were going to discontinue their free "newbie" plan.

The secret to staying consistent in sales r/sales   u/Coozoh  

Firstly, keep it simple.

Stop with the job title inflation, already r/marketing   u/the_lamou  

I was going to hijack a post to get this off my chest, but it ended up a little longer than I thought. Sorry for the wall of text, but tl;dr stop calling yourself/your employees marketing "executives" unless you are really at an executive level.

How many customer testimonials do you show on your website or landing page? What is the right number that is not too low or too many? r/growmybusiness   u/uservox  
Here's a script that will alert you on high cpc bid mistakes in your account r/PPC   u/NilsRooijmans  

TL;DR there’s a link to the free script at the bottom of post.

Last month i left for a three week trip to the Italian Alpes to enjoy some pasta and the snow.

[Feedback] I'm creating a Travel App, how would I go about finding a market fit? r/growmybusiness   u/darkermuffin  

I realized that many travellers would like to meet with other travellers, and then found that Couch-surfing came close.

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