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The first picture of a black hole

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The first picture of a black hole r/interestingasfuck   u/benjymonkers  
An example of how a cameras capture rate changes due to the amount of light being let into the camera r/interestingasfuck   u/_NITRISS_  
Red light only penetrates about 30 feet under water, therefore blood appears green at these depths r/interestingasfuck   u/9w_lf9  
The Zangbeto is a ritualistic Gambian dance wherein the dancer is cloaked in palm fronds from head to toe r/Damnthatsinteresting   u/to_the_tenth_power  
[SERIOUS] Would you reduce your meat consumption if lab-grown meat or meat alternatives were cheaper and tasted good? Why or why not? r/AskReddit   u/sbeaver2019  
Turning a van into a home r/Damnthatsinteresting   u/C_Chris77  
Made my day 😍 r/Damnthatsinteresting   u/DeepAdvance  
Who was the dumbest person you ever met? How did you know? r/AskReddit   u/aspiringmaga  
People in stock photos, what's the weirdest way you've seen your photos being used? r/AskReddit   u/FreddTM  
Teachers who regularly get invited to high school reunions, what are the most amazing transformations, common patterns, epic stories, saddest declines etc. you've seen through the years? r/AskReddit   u/Rattlesnake_Mullet  

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