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'Minecraft' has been quietly dominating for over 10 years, and now has 112 million players every month • Video game nostalgia

'Minecraft' has been quietly dominating for over 10 years, and now has 112 million players every month • r/Games • u/pacinothere share

There's two things that games with a strong lifespan have in common:

  • Player-hosted Servers (if it's multiplayer)
  • Mod Support / User-generated Content

These two things guarantee your game will outlive your company.

I can still boot up Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory today and find populated servers in the VANILLA version of the game, let alone all the modded versions of the game that add features.

Video game nostalgia r/gaming • u/Shitty_Watercolour share

I miss when I was able to spend days on end paying Zelda or Morrowind or CIV.

Nowadays not only do I have less time, I don't have that same kind of mind anymore. I can't invest that same amount of focus.


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this recently. I have the money to buy whatever system and games I want. I have the flexibility to stay up and play when I want. I just don’t have the mindset any more. It doesn’t grab me like it used to. For a while it was a bummer.

Recently my daughter discovered Minecraft, however, and I feel like I’m living through her. I remember the excitement at thinking you were the person to figure something out in a game. She has so much fun it’s infectious. It reminds me of my dad who definitely went through the same cycle. I always assumed he was humoring me when he said he had fun just watching me play. Now I know it may have been true.

Final Fantasy VII inside the train. r/gaming • u/Shinotakux share
I felt that you felt that he felt that we all felt that r/gaming • u/MoonBear696 share
Wtf did I just read r/Steam • u/ItIsMeCall911 share
[Screenshot] The atmosphere in this game is impeccable | Alien: Isolation r/PS4 • u/atomiksuperinsan share
[Gif] Yes... You Can Ride A Hoverboard In Death Stranding! r/PS4 • u/OPG609 share
Men in a long term relationship - do you sometimes wish you married a gamer? r/truegaming • u/Jorlen share

Back in my day, people always said "opposites attract". I'm sure you've all heard that countless times growing up.

I am a woman who married a gamer. He got me into gaming, and we shared that hobby for 10+ years. He has lost all interest in gaming though, and the roles are reversed. Now he calls me a geek and complain because he thinks I’m gaming too much. I play games with my son, but I really miss gaming with my husband. Sharing a hobby can be really great!


It's all about balance. You have to have interests in common, and you should also have your own interests. Ideally, you'll be with someone who looks forward to doing the things together you share, but is comfortable doing their own thing while you do yours.

Mobile game second galaxy removing guilds with any references to Hong Kong self.SecondGalaxyM • r/Games • u/Cereal_Bagger share

Looks like the game deveoper itself is from China, so go figure.

Buy games from small Chinese companies at your own risk. If they don't have subsidiaries in your own country, what are you going to do when they start revoking your Steam keys? With big multinationals like Huawei, at least you can sue them in US/EU court.


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