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I made an updated guide for the Recommended Routine that uses the easiest progressions with minimal equipment! • Do you guys stretch?

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I made an updated guide for the Recommended Routine that uses the easiest progressions with minimal equipment! r/bodyweightfitness • u/-Emden-

If you're a beginner who would like to start the RR, try this google doc. Not only does it have the easiest exercises which require the least amount of equipment, but I have included ALL of the relevant information I could find.

Do you guys stretch? r/Fitness • u/brotherkaramasov

It doesn't need to be before workout. Just in general. I've seen massive dudes saying they don't.

Clenching your butt r/Fitness • u/chpare
28/F finally getting close to 10 strict pull ups 😊 r/bodyweightfitness • u/omnisheep1991
I'm a very small/short woman and I want to do squats with barbells. r/Fitness • u/itameluigi

Hello! I'm an avid fitness enthusiast that tries to find time in between college classes and working, to get my workouts in. I used to walk straight to the machines at my gym, only because I would get intimidated by the big meatheads in the weight room.

Today I did my first muscle up! r/bodyweightfitness • u/JSRF17


I've always been a very active person, doing sports through life.

I wish I knew earlier on that you can hit a high calorie diet by just waking up early r/gainit • u/Select_Truth

What I wish I was told when I first started out is to wake up early. It's so simple and so effective. I see so many people on here not taking accountability for their goals.

Edamame: the snack you should be eating. r/gainit • u/Linuto

Hello all,

I just discovered edamame. Basically just dried soybeans. What makes them so special? They are 46% protein by the gram!

A single 30g serving has 14g of protein, that's a handful.

Dave Tate's Definitive Guide to Wrist Wrapping r/powerlifting • u/BenchPolkov
Does anyone have a link to something which you can read for everything you need to know when you want to start eating healthier r/nutrition • u/samdeman35

I just found this subreddit and reading it really got me motivated about improving my health, but I am lacking in a sort of 'guide' to everything you need to know when you start.

Me and my girl say hi from Mexico! We are both competitors and love the sport 🙏🏻 r/bodybuilding • u/jorgelhga

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