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Friendly reminder that your calorie needs increase as your weight increases.

Friendly reminder that your calorie needs increase as your weight increases. r/gainit   u/Syradil  

The eating habits that took you from 130-140 aren't going to take you to 150.

Just a reminder: Nutella is a garbage food. r/nutrition   u/imdjay  

It's not a hazelnut spread. It's a sugar spread. Despite its advertising, it is about the worst thing you can have for breakfast.

My transformation after sobering up and working out in a small gym without real equipment: 6 month update r/Fitness   u/AlexanderTox  

Original Post (3 month progress):

Howdy /r/fitness!

I wanted to give...

Revolving Ladder r/GripTraining   u/ArmAssassin  
My first 700LB deadlift and how I got there r/Fitness   u/Lifes_GUNSnBUTTER  


I’ve been lifting weights consistently since the beginning on 2015, with a focus on powerlifting (though I haven’t competed) since June of 2015.

199.6lb Rolling Thunder Thumbless r/GripTraining   u/ArmAssassin  
Found out my Fat Gripz I’ve been using for sometime are knockoffs after seeing my friends real ones at the gym this week. r/GripTraining   u/SadRocketsFan  
M/20/5'9" - 2 Year Progress Post 140lbs to 170lbs via Powerlifting and the 10,000 pullup challenge r/Fitness   u/SullyMac98  

2 years progress photos

Best Lifts:

| LIFT | Reps | WEIGHT (lbs) | |:-----------|------------:|:------------:| | bench | 1| 205
| squat | 1 | 280
| deadlift | 1| 345
|weighted chin up | 1| 125 ...

Fried chicken for gains? What do you guys think? r/bodybuilding   u/DrDJW20028  
The most effective hypertrophy programs I've used (going from 155lbs to 195lbs at 5'9) r/gainit   u/MythicalStrength  
Participated in the Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking Championship last weekend. I sure learned a lot! r/GripTraining   u/tigertoothdada  
Arash Rahbar here... r/bodybuilding   u/Arash_Rahbar  

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