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US obesity rate is currently 40% but experts predict by 2030 half of all Americans will be obese.

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US obesity rate is currently 40% but experts predict by 2030 half of all Americans will be obese. r/nutrition   u/flaxseed1

In a time when we have access to unlimited information on nutrition/exercise people continue to become more and more obese.

Calum Von Moger with Arnold Schwarzenegger r/bodybuilding   u/INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS  
So You Want to Gain Weight . . . r/gainit   u/OatsAndWhey  

. . . But You Don't Want to Add FAT?


Arnold at his peak r/bodybuilding   u/therealmurraythek  
One year push-up challenge for the lazy man. r/bodyweightfitness   u/svenz1997  

A lot of people, including myself, do not have the discipline,the time or strength to do 100s of push-ups a day. Either you do too many sets, and too little reps, or you do too many reps and cannot recover enough to do more sets.

I took my Walkman to the gym today to listen to music r/gainit   u/Tedauz  

My phone has been broken and in the shop being repaired, so I went to the gym without it today.

New lifting documentary - The Powerlifter r/powerlifting   u/esand828  

The Powerlifter

If any of you guys don't already follow Bryce Krawczyk, you really should.

Been playing with my handstand canes! Lots of fun but kinda scary 🤯😊 r/flexibility   u/keely95  
My 2.5 yeara transformation (M18 74kg to M20 68kg) r/Fitness   u/AngelShield  

First of all, my progress pics. I'm a 5'7 20 year old student (turning 21 next week) who decided exactly two and a half years ago he'd had enough of constantly going to the gym and only seeing mediocre progress at best.

My 11 year old daughter hitting a 38kg snatch PR. 3 weeks later she took home the 11&U national title at the USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals. Proud dad even though she can almost lift as much as me now 😂😐 r/weightlifting   u/dentiteoz  
Death by HIIT r/Fitness   u/PremeditatedMed  

I've been incorporating a cycling HIIT twice a week for quite sometime now and was wondering... Am I ever going to feel less shitty after completing it!? I literally hobble off my stationary bike, drink water and lay on the floor for 30 minutes.

Joined the 300lbs club today! r/weightlifting   u/nathanjue77  

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