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A true power lifter

A true power lifter r/powerlifting   u/mcaustin1  
My tips for using exercise to help out during tough times r/bodyweightfitness   u/visHH97  

I'm currently going through some personal issues and wanted to share some things I've been doing physically that has been helping me out:

Don't force yourself to do a whole strenuous workout. Know that you will get back into it eventually.

Listen to your body - if you are hungry, eat, but...

How I went from 0 to 40 seconds Handstand Hold in 12 Months r/bodyweightfitness   u/eatsleephustle  

I know my progress is really slow and not impressive at all compared to others. But I put in hard work like many others, just not as smart. I have made many stupid mistakes and used ineffective training methods. Yet it also means I could share these mistakes with you guys so hopefully nobody...

Easy way to make a rolling handle pull-up bar if you have rings and a pvc pipe r/GripTraining   u/dude_thats_my_hotdog  
How to jump from a kneeling position to feet like a goddam Cobra Kai? r/bodyweightfitness   u/GojuMonique  

Hey! I teach tiny munchkins Karate (from four years old) and one of them asked me to jump up from our bow in time on my knees to my feet like they do on Karate Kid. I told them I would if they were really good. So damn now I have to learn.

Where do I start? My explosive power in my legs is...

Cailer Woolam - 600lbs double over hand deadlift r/GripTraining   u/HeroboT  
What does your dream BWF app look like? r/bodyweightfitness   u/yatesmontauk  

I'm a programmer with some free time, looking to make something

[LEAN BULK PROGRESS] 20M / 103lb to 121lb / 2 odd years r/gainit   u/SleekPotato  

Progress pics:


Story Time

Hello people, I vowed to myself I would make a post when I hit my goal weight of 55kg (from 47kg), or 121lb for you American Folk. I just didn’t think it would take 2 years lol. Anyhow, I am 20 years old 177cm and this is...

Paul Dillet at one point had the best midsection of any mass monster. r/bodybuilding   u/BellyCrawler  
Just achieved my first front lever. I could hold it for 7-8 sec and i was shaking at the end. Any tips on how to improve endurance? r/bodyweightfitness   u/Pizzabakker432  

I did all the progression and everything went well just wondering how some people can do the front lever so long and often without getting tired.

Picture of my form, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all so very much for your tips and time!!!

Giving Breon the respect he deserves after r/bodybuilding's bogus him r/bodybuilding   u/antalore122  
Literally confusing "muscle confusion" with "exercise variety": is variety a good thing? r/AdvancedFitness   u/99_Mining  

I've been reading a lot of articles online (always a journey in itself...especially around fitness) that try to debunk the entire "muscle confusion" theory -- the fact that switching up your exercises means you won't necessarily see much growth and progress. Many articles cite progressive...

A life time NATURAL with an IFBB Men’s Physique Pro r/bodybuilding   u/rm7979  
Better picture of Pavol Jablonický's great structure. r/bodybuilding   u/itstheonlywayisay  
Body Building Supplement May Harm Brain Health (L-norvaline) r/AdvancedFitness   u/shiftyeyedgoat  
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