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To ALL the Screenwriters 23 and are some words of encouragement.

To ALL the Screenwriters 23 and are some words of encouragement. r/Screenwriting   u/rynoryder11  

When I was 23, I was just coming out of film school and was making my first feature film. I wrote the script in my sister's basement, where I was living at the time.

Chernobyl: Legasov in Court r/cinematography   u/ArkBirdFTW  
[RESOURCE] Quentin Tarantino explains his writing process for Inglourious Basterds r/Screenwriting   u/ntjrdn  
When you get paid in exposure r/Filmmakers   u/Cesium55  
How to make Sushi r/Shortfilms   u/cptzaprowsdower  
Hi Filmmakers! If you are looking for aircraft sound effects, I was able to record luxury private jet pass by, roaring take off & landing sounds at Aspen Airport, Colorado! Feel free to use these royalty free sfx's in any of your productions! Best, Marcel r/Filmmakers   u/FREETOUSESOUNDS  
Advice for aspiring screenwriters... r/Screenwriting   u/megablahblah  

From an interview with Tony Tost (creator of Damnation, writer for five seasons on Longmire):

One thing I tell aspiring screenwriters: if 100 out of 100 industry readers of your script think it successfully meets professional standards, there’s probably zero chance you’ll break in.

Would any of you be interested in an AMA with a top tier gaffer? r/cinematography   u/luxlightingllc  

Our owner and my boss, Mike Bauman (, has worked on a bunch of big budget features, is the co-owner of Litegear, and was recently the lighting camera man for Phantom Thread (PTA didn't use a DP)

If you guys are...

Anton Chekhov’s Six Rules For Writing Fiction r/Screenwriting   u/Seshat_the_Scribe  
  1. Absence of lengthy verbiage of political-social-economic nature;
  2. Total objectivity;
  3. Truthful description of persons and objects;
  4. Extreme brevity; 5.
Almost 2 years ago I founded a Media company with little experience but big aspirations. It’s taken a lot, but today we are officially sending out payroll to our modest staff. Never expected to come so far and looking forward to more. r/Filmmakers   u/Etheking  

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