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There's a man who follows me around and narrates my life, and he's started to say some unsettling things

There's a man who follows me around and narrates my life, and he's started to say some unsettling things r/nosleep   u/EaPAtbp  

He’s always been here. Although, I actually don’t know if he’s a ‘he’, and though I wouldn’t want to assume anything, the voice is definitely a male’s voice.

My neighbor has been mowing his lawn for 12 hours straight r/nosleep   u/nslewis  

It started at 4:43am. The noise jolted me awake. It sounded like there was a giant truck revving its engine right there in our bedroom. Exhaust fumes wafted in through the open window.

Area 51 Raid A Warning r/nosleep   u/fattymemezz  

So many people may have seen the memes being posted about the “Area 51 raid”.

My wives don't get along r/nosleep   u/TobiasWade  

Have you ever wanted to love someone, but couldn’t?

That’s how I felt about Tammy. We never should have gotten together in the first place, but it was her birthday and I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for.

I've found out a day of the week doesn't exist r/nosleep   u/ecrowe  

My mind is still spinning to say the least, you do not expect your world view to change so radically within minutes. I think the last time before today was when I was a child and I saw my mother sneaking into my room to put a Christmas stocking at the end of the bed.

I Never Sleep r/shortscarystories   u/FoggyGlassEye  

I always told Sara and our children that I was only afraid of death. Nothing else frightened me, not even heights or spiders, only the inevitability of one day facing my own mortality.

Who is the Father? r/shortscarystories   u/TeslaToth  

When I told my parents I was pregnant, of course, their first question – bellowed at me red-facedly – was, “WHO IS THE FATHER?”

Truthfully, I didn’t know.

Rules of Time Travel r/shortscarystories   u/LeFrenchChemist  

I was tasked to go back and stop our mistake. Time travel was achieved in the year 7538. Many countries worked together to accomplish this feat, and since then, the whole world has been tuned in to the discoveries we’ve made visiting our past.

The Last Man on Earth r/cryosleep   u/odo1987  

Even as I wheeze in the acrid air and scratch at the weeping sores on my skin, I can't help but smile at the irony of my situation.

The Approach r/shortscarystories   u/ferdielance  

The hallway to Malcolm’s bedroom has had a creaky floor for as long as he can remember. “Creaky” may not be a strong enough word - the lightest step elicits an exquisitely tortured shriek.

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