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If you’re armed and at the Glenmont metro, please shoot me • My roommate keeps coming home.

If you’re armed and at the Glenmont metro, please shoot me r/nosleep • u/sarcasonomicon

Make it a head shot. Shoot me in the temple, aiming slightly downwards. I need the bullet to travel the shortest possible distance through my brain before it hits my hippocampus.

My roommate keeps coming home. r/nosleep • u/anothercollegegirl
My number neighbor just messaged me, but they weren't doing it for the trend r/nosleep • u/Hayong

For the first time in a little over a month, I received a text message yesterday morning.

Just Like Dad r/shortscarystories • u/nerdyreverend

"Just like you! I want to be just like you." My son would always say to me. Yeah. Sure. I always wonder if he'd feel the same if understood what it's like to be "just like me".

Never, EVER use Q-Tips to clean your ears... r/cryosleep • u/Max_Headroom_

As far back as I could remember, I've always been haunted by nagging itching in my ears. I've been to the doctor many times to see if I have an ear infection, or some type of tear, but every single time I've been given a clean bill of health.

Entry 37 r/cryosleep • u/spawnoftyphon

9 August 2041

There’s someone else on this boat. It wouldn’t work otherwise. Someone needs to take care of it. Always in shifts. We waited at the port for as long as we could before leaving.

[HR] The Angel r/shortstories • u/marijuanasinhaler

When I was young my father told me to be afraid of angels.

‘A nibble of raw cookie dough’ r/shortscifistories • u/OpinionatedIMO

We’ve all seen the ominous package warnings.

[RF] Grandma. r/shortstories • u/simplesolarsystem

Wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend, grandma. Of all the names I’ve been known as throughout my life, none have meant more to me than Grandma. The day your mother told me she was pregnant was the happiest day of my life.

Whatever's left r/OneParagraph • u/MhuzLord

We drown in smoke and rotting things. Far above us, enormous windmills swing obscenely at the skies; we turn the gears not for ourselves, but for the unseen giants.

"Nothing, just being here, with you." r/OneParagraph • u/Imagine_a_name

"What do you want from me?" she asked while on verge of falling apart. "Nothing, just being here, with you" was the most elaborate reply she always received. This conversation keeps going on, over and over again, with nothing new ever coming out of it.

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