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You all need to stop posting. Right now.

You all need to stop posting. Right now. r/nosleep   u/Aleksandrovitch  

You all need to stop posting. Right now. It probably won't take long for this to get deleted, but maybe enough people will see it to make a difference.

Decay r/nosleep   u/RichardSaxon  

”Am I going to die?” The kid asked me as he was being rolled into the operating theatre. It was a question I'd heard a thousand times before, but answering it truthfully hadn't become any easier, even after years at the hospital.

The System is not your friend. r/nosleep   u/nslewis  

I first saw it in the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth when my wife Erin came in to pee. I was bent over the faucet, scooping some water into my mouth to rinse out. “Don’t forget Ryan’s tea ceremony today at 11,” said Erin from behind me on the toilet.

The strange new girl's not following the Home Owners' Association rules, and it's going to get someone killed r/nosleep   u/ByfelsDisciple  

I could tell the new girl was going to be a problem right away. She waltzed into the open house on Daffodil Lane wearing some obscene fluttery pink top like it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

I'm a 911 dispatcher, and I think I received a call from another dimension. r/nosleep   u/Prince_Laqroix  

The call began like any other. “911, what’s your emergency”, I answered, tapping absentmindedly at a key on the keyboard in front of me. “Hello? 911? This is Therese. Something’s up”.

Losing Time r/shortscarystories   u/FoggyGlassEye  

I've been having blackouts for almost a year now, but no one seems to notice. The first time was at the 16th birthday party my family threw for my cousin, Adam.

The Mortician's Daughter r/shortscarystories   u/TeslaToth  

Many of the applicants came into our program with a romanticized idea of police work. Many envisioned an elegant battle of wits against wine-swilling criminal masterminds.

I've always heard a ringing when I do something for the last time. r/shortscarystories   u/exiletexan  

Since a very young age, I’ve occasionally heard this ringing sort of sound in my head. It’s a bit like a church bell, though not quite as loud or penetrating a sound.

Based on Your Recent Searches r/shortscarystories   u/WinsomeJesse  
Lost in Transit r/shortscifistories   u/odo1987  

In 2122 a phial of dust was placed on a Hermes transporter pad in Berkley, California and disappeared in a flash of light.

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