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My brother’s wife had cheated on him

My brother’s wife had cheated on him r/nosleep   u/abhisek_  

"What are you doing Jason ? No. Don't kill it. Don't. Noooo! " I screamed, as a seven year old Jason used a rock to put my pet cat, Billy, to sleep forever.

That wasn't the first time he did something like this. Every time father got me a new pet, Jason would kill it within a few days....

I genetically altered a billionaire’s son. I wish I hadn’t. r/nosleep   u/nslewis  

Ten million dollars. They say everybody has a price, and that was apparently mine. That’s what it took for me to abandon all ethics, caution, and respect for human life.

It wasn’t worth it. Not even close.


Mr. Minkowsky sat across from me, my cluttered office desk between us. “I want you... r/nosleep   u/Darwin_demon  

This website is real, trust me. Try going on it, if you don’t. You can generate faces of people who don’t exist, via an AI. Sounds cool, cat-fishing bait, etc. I thought so too.

I was fascinated by it, and I kept reloading it to see new faces, wondering how these very realistic people didn’t...

My Name is Lily Madwhip and I Have No Idea Where I Am r/nosleep   u/Lillian_Madwhip  

My name is Lily Madwhip and I have no idea where I am.

"This is the teacher's lounge, Lily."

That's Nurse Whitmore. At least I think it is. It sounds like her. She's been the school nurse for two years. Before her we had Nurse Fey, who never believed anyone was sick. She'd just take our...

My Name is Lily Madwhip and This is the Worst Day Ever r/nosleep   u/Lillian_Madwhip  

My name is Lily Madwhip and--

--Ugh. My chest really hurts. I just need a moment... just need to sit down by this tree. I wasn’t feeling so bad after the car crash I caused just a bit ago, but the seat belt really did dig in, and I’m not used to all this running. Have I still got Paschar on me?...

My Planet Doesn't Deserve to Die & I Need Help r/cryosleep   u/Please_Help_Biwzork  

--Begin Incoming Transmission

My name is unimportant in all of this, but my need…no, the need of my people; that is what matters. I’m sending this transmission out at all wavelengths and frequencies in the hopes that some being out there can help us in our time of greatest...

Biwzork deserves to die for what it did to me r/cryosleep   u/Ghosts_of_Bordeaux  

It ended with the diet pill. But it began with the dusty hills.

Biwzork seemed like a haven to my family. Our home planet was dying, drying out from under our feet. In just a few short years it would be a desert. We left in our ship in the middle of night during the changing of the guards.


Message deleted r/shortscarystories   u/Shoeslacesfaces  

"You-have-nine-new-messages, message-one;"

"Hi, this is a message for Miss Jenna Crawfield, my name's Elaine and I'm calling from Look-Forward-Security, this call is regarding..."

"Message-deleted, message-two;"

"Hey babe, I'm running an hour late, got held up in a meeting, so I'll just...

It's crazy that we just throw dead people away. r/shortscarystories   u/PunchMeat  

It truly boggles my mind. I mean, everyone agrees about harvesting bodies for organ donation or scientific study, but honestly, why are those the only uses that are acceptable? Not everyone is a scientist.

Our bodies are good for so much more!

First of all, the meat. Look, I'll admit it's not...

‘Stairwell’ r/cryosleep   u/OpinionatedIMO  

Sometimes I play an odd ‘game’ when I walk up or down my stairs. I leave the light off. Perhaps ‘game’ isn’t the right word. When I was growing up, my father was obsessed with the idea of keeping the switch down (when ‘off’), and up (when ‘on’). To him, it was more important for it to be flipped...

"Alexa, tell me his past." [Valentine's Day 2019] r/shortscarystories   u/Capon-breath  

I was ecstatic, on cloud-nine. The heady tang of the dry champagne carried straight to my heart by bubbles.

“Yes,” I said, half crying with joy.

I'd been shocked by the unexpected proposal. I had only known Christian for three months, but I didn’t...

Death's First and Last Day r/shortscarystories   u/Kennon02  

"Is it difficult? Killing everyone?" I asked.

He smiled, shaking his head. He had tired eyes and slouched in a way that made him seem shorter than his towering height. He had dark hair that was pushed loosely out of his face, which was narrow and pale. Yet he smiled on, a smile that was sure...

Seasons r/OneParagraph   u/ritikanahata  

This poem is a compilation of five Haikus, one for each season, starting spring, followed by summer, monsoons, autumn and then winter.

Idyllic florescence
A neonate, alluring chap blooms
like the flower

To read the whole poem click here. ...

The D.A.R.C project 2 r/CreativeTales   u/Mr-Knoll  
A boy feeling that something had been ripped from his life trembled in loneliness

  18 years to the day I woke up. I heard screaming beyond a glass tube filled with fluid. A spider in a suit. 6 three foot long legs on either side a stiched together fleshy face attacked a group of...
The D.A.R.C project r/CreativeTales   u/Mr-Knoll  
      Looking up at the stars a boy about to be taken dreams. Fleeting dreams.

   It started in Brazil before the portal opened 2007 18 years ago. My father, Anton and my mother Maria. Anton clinging to his baby running across the border. Running from hundreds of undead that had...
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