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How to interview people who are outside your field of expertise?

How to interview people who are outside your field of expertise? r/startups   u/centipedehuman  

How do startup founders interview people who are outside their own field of expertise or people who are much smarter than you? In bigger companies you can typically find someone who’s already within the same level of expertise to help out but what about in early stage startups?

For example how...

Amazon is reconsidering NY headquarters site because of local opposition, Washington Post reports r/investing   u/stealthVault  


How to make easy $10,000 in 3 simple steps r/Entrepreneur   u/alertify  
  1. Buy $11,000 worth of salt.
  2. Sell for $10,000.
  3. Boom. $10,000 in revenue, overnight.

Bonus - Post it on /r/entrepreneur

Whenever someone shares their revenue numbers, but not their expenses/profits/margins, take it with $1,000 grains worth’s of salt. Most probably they are...

Reddit raised $300 million at a $3 billion valuation — now it's ready to take on Facebook and Google r/investing   u/coolcomfort123  


Ford investing $1 billion, adding jobs at Chicago factories as it makes cuts overseas r/investing   u/pipsdontsqueak  

It's also spending $40 million to upgrade the facilities for employees, including new LED lighting and cafeteria updates, new break areas as well as parking lot security upgrades.

In addition to the Explorer and Aviator, the plants make Ford's Police Interceptor, an SUV modeled on the...

The fundamental problem with Silicon Valley’s favorite growth strategy r/venturecapital   u/jonfla   qz.com  
How to turn $500 into a lot more r/Entrepreneur   u/sweatystartup  

When you get home from work one day go to your computer instead of the couch. Buy a domain and get hosting for $2.99 per month. Set up a website on WordPress. Pay someone on a freelancing site to create a simple logo for you and some marketing material. Here is my [full...

Nothing Good Comes Easy: A Case Study r/startups   u/echu_ollathir  

Matt Damon is known to tell people who ask him advice about acting that they should quit. The reason being, if you’re going to succeed in that business you’re going to be told “no” many more times than anyone will tell you “yes”. You might find more encouragement in trying to start a company,...

Amazon's first major video game is a massive online roleplaying game about colonization r/investing   u/coolcomfort123  


Tesla Is Cranking Out Model 3s—Now It Has to Service Them r/investing   u/zeebyj  

Tesla has cranked up its Model 3 production in recent months, enabling buyers like Mr. Schmidt to get their vehicles after long waits. But as Tesla’s U.S. sales approach those of luxury auto makers like BMW AG and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, it has encountered new logistical problems, from...

How to grow hype while remaining in stealth mode? r/growmybusiness   u/andrethegiant  

I've been reading that you should have a basic landing page to collect emails while you build your product. How do you explain what your product is without giving too much away? We want to be first-to-market and don't want others to copy our idea. Is this something to worry about? Or should we...

50+ Awesome Public Speaking Tips r/CareerSuccess   u/MichaelLifeLessons   lifelessons.co  
How to Gain Respect After Making a Serious Mistake r/CareerSuccess   u/influenceadvice   self.InfluenceAdvice  
What does the friend of yours that makes the most money do for a living? r/Entrepreneur   u/Monty7384  

How much does he or she make?

Life is a journey - life without clear goals r/CareerSuccess   u/KoryDave  

Hey everyone! I'm a senior at high school in the Czech Republic.

What would you recommend to someone who can't stick to anything for too long, has various skills but nothing in which he is really good at? It is something that I'm really struggling with. I always get excited about something, do...

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