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I’m Awkward AF and I Still Make Money

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I’m Awkward AF and I Still Make Money r/sales   u/AmITheStranger  

If you’re not crushing it or feeling down about yourself for not being the most extroverted sales person etc, stop. Take a breath. You don’t have to be perfect.

5 months ago I made a post about buying a coffee shop and everyone told me not to do it. I am back with an update. r/Entrepreneur   u/nice_elsewhere  
"Its too expensive" what do you do? How about you double the price? r/sales   u/sting2018  

(Car sales, but I've applied this in both advertising and software sales as well)

Training a new rep, he has a hot lead. Lead is obviously qualified to buy.

How To Get Over Anxiety Of Starting a New Job: These 20 Steps Can Help r/CareerSuccess   u/przemkas   perfect24hours.com  
I have started a new project where I interview e-Commerce​ business owners. Can I get some feedback on my first video on how to improve? r/growmybusiness   u/Vespaman  

I love making videos and learning about e-commerce so I have decided to interview e-commerce business owners when I have free time.

Case Study: How I Find & Select a Manufacturer on Alibaba r/Entrepreneur   u/FBAThrow  
Why Y Combinator is so against remote teams? r/startups   u/6nomads  
You Could Use a Break r/startups   u/_Galavant_  

Hey all! Just a friendly reminder that you can (and should) take a break. It doesn't have to be a week long vacation, but take a little while to step away.

Reflections from a young entrepreneur r/startups   u/XxDrsuessxX  

I thought I would share some thoughts as a young entrepreneur who has seen success and some of the things I've seen and experienced.

S&P 500 Index officially hits 3000 r/investing   u/pikindaguy  

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