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Successful startups with broad audiences often start niche to achieve critical mass (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) what's the best way to do this?

Successful startups with broad audiences often start niche to achieve critical mass (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) what's the best way to do this? r/startups   u/GoingToMakeItBrahs  

Most people are aware how facebook was originally restricted to Harvard.

VS says 'San Francisco is over,' Europe home to next big hit r/venturecapital   u/mstrlaw   businessinsider.com  
What are your top 3 "must read" books for someone looking to open their own business? r/Entrepreneur   u/life180degrees  
How venture investment is becoming toxic for a startup r/venturecapital   u/Crazy_startup  
$10,000 /month & still broke r/Entrepreneur   u/TheDonOfYouTube  

This isn't a success story. Rather, it's an opportunity to learn from another man's mistakes. ​

This is the story of my Dad. ​

He first started working in construction at the age of 14.

Drop a link to your company’s website below and I’ll respond with where I think your site is lacking and how to improve it. No, I’m not trying to sell you a master class or link to a blog post. I’ll try to answer as many of you as possible. r/Entrepreneur   u/dont_stress  

This sub used to be amazing.. it was a place where we all contributed to helping each other succeed. Lately, it seems more and more people have just been trying to use this community.

Comcast to sell its stake in Hulu to Disney in 5 years and relinquish voting rights immediately r/investing   u/pipsdontsqueak  

Comcast has agreed to sell its stake in Hulu in five years to Disney and give up its voting rights immediately.

I need help growing my technology services company...how should I get new clients? r/growmybusiness   u/Paralyzer168  

I have a small technology services company (Technology Shepherds, LLC) on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio (Batavia specifically) and am not sure how I can market to gain new clients.

Why is raising funds more important that profitabilty? r/startups   u/thestartupgeek  
Just keep dialing!!! r/sales   u/jeyThaswan  

Holy shit mates I'm still hyped from what happened today. This is my first weak at my first sales job/internship doing cold calls selling b2b services all around North America.

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