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Typographic postcards for my bucket list (real or otherwise)

Typographic postcards for my bucket list (real or otherwise) r/graphic_design   u/dubrovnique  
Book cover redesign school project r/Design   u/SorenCelerity  
"30% of the criminal acts in the country are happening under the influence of alcohol" Bulgaria, mid-1980s. r/DesignPorn   u/slopeclimber  
A guy said this belonged here. r/DesignPorn   u/Anoxbaba  
Lounge Chair Built Into Dock r/DesignPorn   u/DonIaginiMan  
The 12 Principles of UX in Motion r/web_design   u/NDSM-werf  
IKEA Assemble App Concept r/UI_Design   u/andreicalin612  
This door in my hotel bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways. r/Design   u/GentlyWeepingGuitar_  
Another one of my animated photo manipulations, hope you guys like this one (by @medmehrez)) r/Design   u/Medmehrez  
Canadian Dammit | 67NORTH | Retro Poster Design r/graphic_design   u/bendindustries  
34 Great Free Fonts to Use in 2019 r/typography   u/speckz  
Gig poster for Julien Baker's show in Melbourne. Unfortunately this didn't make it past approval. r/graphic_design   u/SecretlySwedish  
How are the wavy lines done? What software was used to create it? r/graphic_design   u/-ph0enix-  
A lovely spread from a newspaper published in 1982. r/graphic_design   u/roland_pryzbylewski  
Made this parallax scrolling effect r/web_design   u/ariamnes  
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