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Poster design I created around the concept of Kundalini. Illustration also by me • User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment

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Poster design I created around the concept of Kundalini. Illustration also by me r/graphic_design • u/Mudkip98 share
User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment • r/web_design • u/michaeljbarton share

That made me laugh so hard.

My New Psychedelic Display Typeface, "Wanchy" is Out Today! r/typography • u/herzburger share
Videos like refactoring UI but for ux? r/userexperience • u/JustLookingAroundFor share

I feel like I get writers block when doing ux... I never feel like I have a solid process for going from A to B... from these requirements/tasks to a UI that I’m actually proud of.

Have you watched NNG videos? They tend to be very short and focus on micro choices. Might be useful.


This guy takes you through the whole process. very helpful.


I've found this awesome YouTube channel called: 'Build UX', it goes more in depth into how to code and design better for better user experience. I think it has about the same high quality as the Refactoring UI channel. I hope you'll like it.

Web design trends that won't become fads in 2020? r/userexperience • u/BSTUNO share

Looking to improve a corporate website.

To me, this entire approach is from the wrong mindset.

From the user experience angle, we anticipate future needs of our users and design for that.

So, for example - what are the biggest user base issues with your site? Who are your users? What does success look like for your website?

Who cares what overall trends are if they aren’t fitting the needs of your users?

Book recommendations for a UI Newbie r/UI_Design • u/RustGrit share

Hello hoping I could get a book recommendation for a beginner looking to get into UI. I have very Little UI knowledge.

I haven't read a ton of books about UI, but Refactoring UI was awesome. It's the only book on UI I see universally recommended. It's really great at showing what works and what doesn't, and why. The book is pricey, but there's a lot of free content on the site.

Each picture is made of as many pixels as that of the endangered species population- designed by Yoshiyuki Mikami r/DesignPorn • u/hpolsek share
Spider-man made from 10 individual layers of paper r/Design • u/Squiffybodge share
I usually steer clear of photography but I decided to give it a shot :) (a poster from my final project in college) r/Design • u/especiallythat share
Best case design r/DesignPorn • u/anomalocaridid1 share

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