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A Blueprint for Stopping DDoS Attacks Forever Using “Tokenized” Fields in TCP or IPv6 Packets. • Command and Control via SYN packets

A Blueprint for Stopping DDoS Attacks Forever Using “Tokenized” Fields in TCP or IPv6 Packets. • r/netsec • u/sdgreathouse share

The obvious flaw with this is that it requires you to have already established a token with the client before it's first connection. So it's impossible for public applications, and impractical for others.


Any half decent server can handle a SYN flood these days. Modern DDoS attacks are volumetric, they just flood packets at you until your upstream link is saturated. No amount of protocol trickery can save you from that.


Any host level mitigation of DDoS attacks is doomed to fail. You need to stop attacks at the source network to be successful with this kind of signed traffic scheme. It won't work because every internet operator would need to participate. See the history of BCP 38 adoption to learn how this kind of DDoS mitigation scheme usually goes.

Command and Control via SYN packets • r/netsec • u/IAMINNOCENT1234 share

This was an awesome post, highly enjoyed reading it


good idea. on the notion of nobody looking at syns - i did an investigation about a year ago. lateral movemenet was done via rdp and rpc calls but i could not find connection to outside for an oldest pivot server in logs. than i started looking at incompletes and soon found a host known for metasploit connecting from outside in those logs.... when all impossible is eliminated, what is left, no matter how improbable, is long as there are some logs.

Wiershark - Malware traffic analysis tutorial • r/netsecstudents • u/HackExplorer share

Good stuff. Thank you!

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