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Iranian Banks Launch Gold-Backed Crypto

Iranian Banks Launch Gold-Backed Crypto r/Crypto_Currency_News   u/driver733  
Some of the biggest news for Crypto this year (SEC) “token sold in a functioning network ARE NOT securities” r/Ripple   u/dr-pogo  
If you think using bitcoin is difficult - here are some old instructions on how to send letters with a computer r/Bitcoin   u/cryptologodotco  
The Fear Of The Market Going Down Manipulates The User To Make The Wrong Decision. r/Bitcoin   u/Kashpantz  
Just bought beer with bitcoin in Hong Kong, cheers! r/Bitcoin   u/reakan  
The Scam That Is Volitility & Fees r/CryptoCurrency   u/Kashpantz  
Here’s all the money in the world, in one chart r/CryptoCurrency   u/giannunes  
I knew bitcoin miners got hot but this is another level. r/Bitcoin   u/Bitcoin_Acolyte  
Billionaire ex-PM of Thailand: It’s still early. Most people haven’t yet understood blockchain. If you are willing to learn, you could be rich. r/CryptoCurrency   u/theystolemyid  
Bitcoin Cash is Lightning Fast! (No editing needed) r/btc   u/MemoryDealers  
Binance interested in becoming an xRapid partner in the future! r/Ripple   u/FearTheBlades1  
Money Laundering Far More Common Among Banks Than Cryptocurrency Platforms, Banks Launder $2 Trillion A Year r/Crypto_Currency_News   u/hamertastic2  
Grid+ is live. If you're in Texas, join me in buying electricity using ETH or DAI r/ethereum   u/EvanVanNess  
Money Laundering Far More Common Among Banks Than Cryptocurrency Platforms, Banks Launder $2 Trillion A Year r/btc   u/hamertastic  
Ten things to know about crypto taxation. r/BitcoinMarkets   u/Sal-BitcoinTax  

The IRS opened their e-filing on January 28th and many people are now filing their taxes.

While the new tax laws have changed a few things this year, most rules regarding cryptocurrencies have remained the same.

If you are new to including cryptocurrency in your tax returns, or just could do...

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