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Venezuelans are just throwing money on the streets now...

Venezuelans are just throwing money on the streets now... r/Bitcoin   u/electic102  
Aeternity Ventures Announces Second Round Of Starfleet Accelerator r/Crypto_Currency_News   u/Downtown_Resource  
Bitcoin mining is forcing me to go solar power. I just installed solar panels to run my miners during the day. Not only does my house get heated but I cut the mining cost by 75%. Why? It's not just the cheapest form of energy, but I get rid of the grid-transfer cost and tax (=75%!) r/Bitcoin   u/candese  
How it feels when I try to buy things with cryptos. r/CryptoCurrency   u/cryptoplayingcards  
On the streets of Caracas, Venezuela... r/Bitcoin   u/electic102  
what it feels like trying to spend bitcoins outside the internet r/Bitcoin   u/opencryptotools  
Tether Once Again Pulls a Sneaky Update r/CryptoCurrency   u/Toyake  
Verasity Lists on HitBTC and Zooms to the Top of Alt Tokens in One Week r/CryptoCurrencyTrading   u/ireekhavoc  
Since Jan 1st, 2019 These Things Have Happened: r/BitcoinMarkets   u/moon_airspace  

If you would have mentioned Bitcoin or crypto in general being applied in the following ways in 2017, you would have been laughed out of the building, state, and probably your home country.

Massive 1000+ turnout for first ever Ethereum SuperMeetup Asia featuring 9 Eth Meetups and Vitalik r/CryptoCurrency   u/Hkbtc88  
Multiple US States Pushing Progressive Blockchain Legislation r/BitcoinMarkets   u/TheSedatedSlothe  
If I tell you that the SHA256 for this sentence starts with: '6b73acb...'. ¿would you believe me? - Fabio Gómez -. r/BlockChain   u/fabio-gomez  
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