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Rumor suggests iOS 13 will not support iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 5s

Rumor suggests iOS 13 will not support iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 5s r/apple   u/MalteseAppleFan  
looks better if the camera don't stick out r/iphone   u/M_oenen  
One of the best features on iOS 12 r/iphone   u/backstreetatnight  
Do you think apple will actually step up their limited lighting capabilities? I have the iPhone XS right now and recently tried a pixel 3 for the night mode and other modes. It was incredible. It wasn’t enough to consider a Permanent switch. Still iPhone used to be top dog in cameras. r/iphone   u/ImaginaryCook  
Latest 2019 iPhone molds leak once again show square camera bump coming to all three new phones r/apple   u/thereturnofjagger  
Apple Watch Series 4's redesigned OLED screen crowned 'Display of the Year' r/apple   u/Wheyand  
Great use of the Touch Bar! r/mac   u/backstreetatnight  
What actually happened at the Apple March Event 2019. r/apple   u/affetheman  
Just waiting for that mouse support... r/ipad   u/AaronF99  
AAPL drops 6% as Trump’s tariffs bite: Apple accessories at 25%, overall costs could rise 10% r/apple   u/SuitingUncle620  

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