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2019 iPhone reported to stick to Lightning port and same 5W USB-A charger in box

2019 iPhone reported to stick to Lightning port and same 5W USB-A charger in box r/apple   u/C7XL  
Apple tells app developers to disclose or remove screen recording code r/apple   u/JBeylovesyou  
History of the iPhone 2007-2018 r/iphone   u/techwiz76  
Why OLED is king r/iphone   u/Majus1408  
Don’t know if you guys know about this, but iOS can track flights through the search bar if you type in the flight number. Just found this out today r/iphone   u/Houssam12  
Apple should make airport routers again r/apple   u/Tylocii  

They were good and easy to use.

Security researcher demos macOS exploit to access Keychain passwords, but won't share details with Apple out of protest r/apple   u/Jaspergreenham  
Average iPhone upgrade cycle now lasts four years, up from three in 2018 r/apple   u/UnKindClock  
After wanting one my whole life, I finally got an Apple computer! r/mac   u/DenryFoof  
I was worried that 12.1.4 didn’t have a nasty surprise but ... r/ios   u/CalvinKleeinn  
Pokédex Apple Watch Setup r/AppleWatch   u/nekomichi  
Best note taking device. Period. r/ipad   u/MattRighetti  
Day 1 Adopter of the 42mm Series 0, finally upgrade to a 44mm Series 4. r/AppleWatch   u/Furyspectre  
I herd y’all like watch bands. r/AppleWatch   u/rpalmer3  
TIL you can look back at what your calorie goal used to be by swiping right from the monthly view of your rings. r/AppleWatch   u/runningreeder  
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