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‘Sign In With Apple’ Is Way Better Than Passwords—If You Can Find It • Disney CEO Bob Iger resigns from Apple board

‘Sign In With Apple’ Is Way Better Than Passwords—If You Can Find It • r/apple • u/Tequilapoptarts share
Disney CEO Bob Iger resigns from Apple board • r/apple • u/iamsebj share

Not surprised. It’s a conflict of interest with Disney+ and TV+.


Makes sense, Disney and Apple are competitors now


This is no different than when Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple's board after Google started Android and ChromeOS.


At the other end of the legacy Disney-Apple relationship, Laurene Powell Jobs sold at least half of her Disney stock a few years ago and ceased to be its largest shareholder, falling below 5% ownership which means her further transactions don't have to be disclosed. She's interested in diversifying to support her philanthropy.

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Module doesn't stick out as much as you'd think it would from the renders. Looks significantly more flush than straight on Renders/Photos r/iphone • u/Tech_Rise share

Tbh it’s not as ugly as the leaks made it seem. I’m not upgrading but I hope the midnight green color sticks around forever.




I personally think the iPhone 11 Pro looks good. And the upgrades are pretty solid, it is a alot better improvement from XS to the 11 Pro than what the X to the XS was

Apple please make Deep Sea Blue happen. • r/apple • u/ashwinsrihari share
What is your favorite iPhone model to date? r/iphone • u/DiverseTurtle share
My friends and I recreated every default Apple wallpaper r/mac • u/whynotanything share
Download macOS Catalina (19A558d) stock wallpapers r/MacOS • u/jeerobus share

All these wallpapers have been extracted from 19A558d without compression.

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